Installing Snorpy on CentOS 7.6

I like this easy to use application to build Snort/Suricata rules in a graphical way. I wrote this guide to quickly install Snorpy on CentOS 7.6. This is the interface before entering any Snort/Suricata rule.

Before setting up a local copy, if you want to test a live version maintained by the author, go here.

Need to Install nodejs

Add node.js yum repository

sudo curl -sL | sudo bash -

Install node.js and NPM

sudo yum install nodejs

Verify versions

node.js version = node -v

npm version = npm -v

Download and Configure Snorpy


In your user account  do: sudo git clone

sudo yum install -y unzip

sudo mv Snorpy /opt                                     Note: You may have to do this as root

cd /opt/Snorpy directory

sudo unzip                   Note: You may have to do this as root

Note: If everything has been installed correctly, you can now just start the web server. If necessary, you may have to bind the server interface to the server IP address

sudo  node /opt/Snorpy/app.js &

Bind app.js to a Server Port and/or IP Address


If the server your installed this application is already serving port 80 or 443, you can change the port in the configuration file or configure SSL to use your own keys.

If your server is already using port 80 or 443, it can be change:

If your server has multiple IP addresses, you can bind the web server port to an IP address: